INTERSECT Key Exploitable Results Synthetic tabs

INTERSECT Key Exploitable Results Synthetic tabs

Following to our Deliverable 4.7 “Business plan assessment and revision“, we have created informative synthetic tabs illustrating the INTERSECT key exploitable results defined within our Innovation plan.

INTERSECT key exploitable results

INTERSECT’s main result will be the release of the Interoperable Material-To-Device Simulation Box (IM2D) that is conceived as an interoperable, robust and friendly software solution for easier exploration of the materials workspace from an electronic device-oriented industrial perspective.

Beside the overall IM2D infrastructure, a set of key exploitable results has been selected and ranked .They are the Ginestra-AiiDA interface, the AiiDA-QE interface, the Aiida-SIESTA interface, the properties workflows, the Analysis of complex systems, and the semantic workflow.

Discover our key exploitable results:

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