AiiDA-QE Interface

AiiDA - QE product details INTERSECT

The INTERSECT AiiDA-QE interface permits accessing and automatically controlling (through AiiDA) the execution of complex quantum mechanical calculations performed with the QE suite.

Quantum ESPRESSO is a suite of open-source codes for electronic-structure calculations from first principles, based on DFT, plane waves, and pseudopotentials.

Currently supported codes
PW: Ground state properties, total energy, ionic relaxation, molecular dynamics, forces, etc.
CP: Car-Parrinello molecular dynamics
PP: Electronic structure analysis;
PH: Phonons from density functional perturbation theory
TDDFPT: EELS and UV-vis absorption spectroscopy
GWW: many-body corrections
X-spectra: X-ray spectroscopy
Nudget Elastic Band (NEB): transition state barrier

Business Model

Free and Open Source Software (FOSS). This GPL software can be exploited for electronic-structure calculations and materials modeling consulting services.

Read more on Deliverable 4.7 “Business Plan Assessment and Revision” and write to for information.

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