SimPhoNy workshop

SimPhoNy workshop

On March, 18-19, 2020, our partners’ Fraunhofer workshop will take place in Freiburg.

As a result of ongoing SimPhoNy (Simulation framework for multi-scale phenomena in micro- and nanosystems) -OSP wrapper development in various related projects a small dev workshop by the Fraunhofer Institute for Mechanics of Materials IWM , INTERSECT project partner, has been set for the 18-19 of March.

The workshop is dedicated for aiding specific wrapper development tasks in some projects but it may be of more general interest to all, and online access to both days for those who are interested from all projects is available.

The workshop is part of a work package meeting of the FORCE project, it is organised by the Materials Data Science and Informatics Team , Fraunhofer IWM and spported by the APACHE, ReaxPro, MarketPlace, SimDOME, FORCE, and ReaxPro projects.
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