New INTERSECT project deliverables M30

New INTERSECT project deliverables M30

At the end of our project period M30+1, we have produced new project deliverables!

Specific advancements have been made in INTERSECT with the acquisition of the required data for the various simulation steps, so that our automated infrastructure is able to handle, store, and share data, which is the core of the IM2D data hub (D2.6 Pipelines to/from external repositories).

Further advancements have been made also by implementing and integrating the European Materials Modeling Ontology (EMMO)-based semantic model in the developed INTERSECT IM2D automated workflows and Graphical User Interface, and by developing a specific extension of the OSP-core (AiiDA-wrapper) for SimPhoNy, which provides a flexible interface for the implemented ontologies (D2.5 Semantic interoperability of the automated workflows through SimPhoNy).

The previous INTERSECT-driven ontology has been actually updated to the latest EMMO version (D1.3 Report on INTERSECT developed ontologies and MODA), and our examples of user stories for both the Material-to-Device and the Device-to-Material workflows have been also improved (D1.1 Report on use cases and system requirements). 

Finally, we have worked on our Innovation Management process, and defined further key exploitable results together with the final IM2D product (D4.8 Innovation management assessment and revision). As a consequence, our INTERSECT business plan has been updated (D4.7 Business plan assessment and revision), and it’s now ready to be used beyond the project lifetime!

Check the whole list of our new project deliverables »

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