Metadata scheme of the Business Decision Support System ontologies and capabitilies workshops (Jan./Feb. 2021)


Metadata scheme of the Business Decision Support System ontologies and capabitilies workshops (Jan./Feb. 2021)


Our intersecter Fraunhofer IWM is giving workshops about the Metadata scheme of the ontologies and capabilities of the BDSS (Business Decision Support System) developed in the pan-European H2020-project FORCE (Formulations and Computational Engineering) on January and February, 2021. The workshops will be offering a detailed insight of the semantic framework supported by the EMMO (European Materials Modelling Ontology), coupling of third party software with SimPhoNy, and the usage for the optimization workflow realized with the BDSS.

The workshops are also an interesting opportunity for an informative overview and for new ideas on how SimPhoNy can contribute to INTERSECT besides the already planned project implementations. Our intersecter Fraunhofer IWM is in fact contributing to the requirement identification of potential users towards the workflows of the IM2D-simulation toolbox within our WP1. Diverse persona profiles are currently studied for this procedure, so that the workflow metadata can be represented from the individual user’s perspective through common semantic technologies. Besides the syntactic interoperability between AiiDA and GinestraTM, the developed ontologies will finally determine the semantic interoperability through SimPhoNy in WP2.

Workshops dates and main purposes are the following:

  • Business Decision Support System (BDSS) in Formulations and Computational Engineering (Feb. 17/18, 2021): the two-day workshop will present the scientific achievements of the FORCE project along with the tools that have been developed so that scientists who are not expert modellers can utilise these new capabilities in a simple to use environment; info:

Participation to the workshops is free of charge. Register here,–metadata-schema-and-interoperability-.html, and see you there!

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