#Jobposition Data Architect for the BIG-MAP Digital Infrastructure

BIG MAP position

#Jobposition Data Architect for the BIG-MAP Digital Infrastructure

A position for a data architect/software scientist is available at the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (Lausanne, Switzerland) in the group of our intersecter Prof. Nicola Marzari. The position is supported by the new H2020 project BIG-MAP (Battery Interface Genome – Materials Accelerated Platform, part of the Battery 2030+ initiative) and is renewable.

Outstanding candidates are sought with strong programming abilities, preferably with a background in physics/chemistry/materials or engineering/computer science. Candidates should be comfortable with project management and a diverse collaboration environment with teams across Europe.

The position will contribute to the development of the data and simulation infrastructure of BIG-MAP, and to the capabilities for automated simulations and data analytics. Core objectives will be automated data archiving (through the Materials Cloud ARCHIVE) and integration and dissemination of these data capabilities with simulation capabilities (through AiiDAlab, deployed on local workstations, Materials Cloud WORK, Kubernetes clusters, European Open Science Cloud, and commercial providers such as AWS or Azure). The position will be embedded in the AiiDA and Materials Cloud teams.

Natural synergies will be present with the Swiss National Centre MARVEL on Computational Design and Discovery of Novel Materials, the H2020 MaX Centre of Excellence on Materials Design at the eXascale, and the OPTIMADE consortium. Close collaborations with other efforts from the European Commission, such as the Materials Modelling Marketplace, our INTERSECT project, DOME 4.0, NFFA, NEP and OpenModel can be envisioned, as well as synergies with some of our industrial partners.

The deadline for application is June 15, 2021. For more information, visit http://theossrv1.epfl.ch/Main/Openings or download the announcement (.pdf).

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