Google Summer of Code with AiiDA

Google Summer of Code

Google Summer of Code with AiiDA


After a successful Google Summer of Code (GSOC) 2020 under the NumFocus umbrella, the AiiDA team plans to participate in GSOC 2021 as well.
Are you a student / PhD student passionate about (python) programming and open science? Google Summer of Code is a way for you to spend 10 weeks during summer working on an interesting open-source project and get paid for it.

AiiDA is an open-source workflow manager for computational science with a strong focus on provenance, performance and extensibility, and roots in ab-initio calculations (e.g. with plugins for codes like Quantum ESPRESSO, CASTEP, siesta, fleur, cp2k, VASP, etc. – see the plugin registry). INTERSECT IM2D framework integrates some of the most used open-source materials modelling codes with models and modelling software for emerging devices via the SimPhony infrastructure for semantic interoperability and ontologies, powered by the AiiDA workflow engine, and its data-on-demand capabilities and apps interface. To know more about the progress we have made with AiiDA, read our project deliverables, and read our newsletter.

Deadline for application is April 13, 2021. More information on the Google Summer of Code with Aiida can be found on the AiiDA website.

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