#Deliverable 5.2 “Risk assessment and risk-mitigation reports”

Deliverable 5.2

#Deliverable 5.2 “Risk assessment and risk-mitigation reports”

As we recently posted, new INTERSECT project deliverables are out! Deliverable 5.2 “Risk assessment and risk-mitigation reports“, by our intersecters V. Lunardelli, A. Calzolari, M. Di Berardo, and L. Neri, is developed within Work Package 5, “Management and Project Coordination”, by CNR, with contribution from AMAT.

Abstract: During the lifetime of a project, many unforeseen or unfortunate events can occur, that can hinder the good implementation of the planned activities. It is therefore a main task for the management of the project to identify, evaluate, monitor, and mitigate the upcoming of such events, and this is done by way of a Risk assessment and mitigation plans.
In its work plan, INTERSECT identified a certain number of risks, related to scientific and technological advancement and to management of the consortium, which are reassessed in this deliverable D5.2 Risk assessment and risk-mitigation reports, output of WP 5 Management and Project Coordination (Leader CNR).
Moreover, unfortunate events did occur in the last few months in Europe and worldwide, such as the outburst of a global pandemic. This of course affected the people’s lives firstly, and their ability to work and meet secondly. Therefore, new unforeseen risks are added to the previous existing list.
A continuous commitment to update and monitor the threats and setbacks that can affect the development of the tasks for which the project is funded is taken by the management and all partners according to guidelines and tools described below.

Info & Download: V. Lunardelli, A. Calzolari, M. Di Berardo, and L. Neri (2020): Risk assessment and risk-mitigation reports. Deliverable D5.2 of the H2020 project INTERSECT (final version as of 29/07/2020). EC grant agreement no: 814487, CNR, Modena, Italy.

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