#Deliverable 4.3 “First Business Plan”

Deliverable 4.3

#Deliverable 4.3 “First Business Plan”

A new project deliverable about our “First business plan“, by our intersecters Arrigo Calzolari, Luisa Neri and Valerio Lunardelli, is out!

Executive summary: One main goal of the INTERSECT project is the realization of a novel multi-scale multi-physics simulation platform connecting the materials modelling to the simulation of the electron device operations. The result will be the release of the Interoperable Material-To-Device Simulation Box (IM2D) which is conceived as an interoperable, robust and friendly software solution for easier exploration of the materials workspace from an electronic device-oriented industrial perspective. In particular, IM2D aims at enabling the simulation-aided design and optimization of devices for disrupting electronics (e.g. storage class memories, selectors, etc.), relying on the state-of-the-art quantum-mechanical materials modelling at the device level.
The beneficiaries of INTERSECT’s IM2D platform will include the entire ecosystem of companies, research institutions and universities operating at various levels in the semiconductor field, including integrated device manufacturers, fabless semiconductor companies, semiconductors foundries, and R&D labs. In this huge playground the business opportunities associated with IM2D are twofold:
(i) as a tool to increment the business of industrial stakeholders of semiconductor verticals;
(ii) as a software product in the simulation software market.
As anticipated in the constituting Grant Agreement of the INTERSECT project, and confirmed in the consortium agreement between participant partners, “the project goal is the realization of a ‘pre-competitive’ software solution that will provide the natural basis for start-up creation beyond the project end”. Even though the final commercialization of the IM2D code goes beyond the aim of the present project, in this first business plan we thoroughly analyze the characteristics, the segmentation and the needs of the two reference markets (namely the semiconductor and the simulation software market). We will describe the solutions and the roadmap for eventually entering these businesses.

A detailed plan with a specific business model, a marketing plan and an analysis on the sustainability and future funding of the IM2D infrastructure – too premature at this development stage – will be described in the “Business plan assessment and revision” (deliverable D4.7), due at month 30. Meantime, you can take a look at the first INTERSECT business model in the following resuming canvas scheme, and send suggestions for improving to intersect@nano.cnr.it!

References and download: A. Calzolari, L. Neri, and V. Lunardelli (2020): First Business Plan. Deliverable D4.3 of the H2020 project INTERSECT (final version as of 30/01/2020). EC grant agreement no: 814487, CNR, Modena, Italy.

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